Daily, Weekly & Monthly Market Sentiment
Total Market Volume Trends
Total Market Momentum

These charts offer a daily macro look at market sentiment, momentum and volume trends.  Daily updates are generally posted by midnight (Eastern time), Monday through Friday.  Note that our momentum and volume studies are for total market trends, using the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index (DWC).  This is a free service offered by Market Harmonics.


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Daily Sentiment Charts

Put/Call Ratio
Daily Put/Call ratio data based on total CBOE options volume.  See chart. See description.

Volatility Indices
Two charts that look at daily market volatility, the VIX and VXN, and a Composite Volatility chart.  See charts. See description.

NASDAQ Daily Sentiment Index
A proprietary indicator developed by Market Harmonics to measure bullish and bearish sentiment trends and potential reversals in the NASDAQ and tech-related trading.  See chart. See description.

Rydex Nova/Ursa Sentiment Indicator (S&P 500 Sentiment)
Our version of the bullish/bearish sentiment trends in S&P 500 trading.  See chart & description.

Option Buyers Sentiment Gauge (OBSG)
A proprietary sentiment indicator developed by Market Harmonics for timing and identifying the maturity of sentiment trends and potential reversals. See chart.  See description.

Put/Call Ratio v.s. Volatility 
The PCVI tracks divergences and convergences between Put/Call ratio and volatility data in the VIX and VXN indices.  See chart & description.

Weekly Sentiment Charts

Commitments of Traders (COT) Updated Weekends
Market sentiment charts of Large Speculator trading in Oil, Natural Gas and U.S. Treasuries derived from weekly COT data.  Also Gold & Silver, U.S. Dollar and Euro sentiment  See charts & descriptions.

Monthly Sentiment Charts

Reuters/University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Survey
A 3-chart series based on consumer sentiment trends, compiled by the University of Michigan Consumer Research Center.  Widely followed by the market to anticipate consumer spending trends. Data is published monthly.  See chart. See description.

Total Market Volume (Daily)

Arms Index/TRIN
A long-term chart of the well-known index, to study long-term overbought/oversold conditions.  See chart. See description.

Market Participation Index (MPI)
Developed at Market, the MPI relates relative upside/downside volume to total market volume to study intermediate and long-term volume trends.  See chart. See description.

Advance/Decline Ratio Oscillator (ADRO) 
An indicator that applies Put/Call ratio methodology to stock market Advance/Decline data.  See charts & description.

Eliades New TRIN
Very effective for short-term timing.  See chart. See description.

Relative Upside/Downside Volume Oscillator
A proprietary indicator developed at Market for timing short-term buy/sell signals, based on our Market Participation Index.  See chart. See description.

NASDAQ Composite Volume
Two volume studies focusing exclusively on the NASDAQ Composite Index: NASDAQ Composite NewTRIN and NASDAQ Composite Relative Upside/Downside Oscillator.

Total Market Momentum (Daily)

Total Market Rate-of-Change (ROC)
Measures near, intermediate and long-term trends, and potential reversal points, based on the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index.  See chart. See description.

KST Indicator
A trend momentum indicator, combining various timeframes, that we use in our short-term studies. See chart.  See description